12oz Tin - Cardinal Decaf - Whole Bean - Case of 6

SKU: 12oz Tin - Cardinal Decaf - Whole Bean - Case of 6


We understand that for many, the joy of coffee lies in its flavor, not just the caffeine. Decaf drinkers, this one's for you! We've crafted a decaffeinated version of our smooth, chocolatey Cardinal Blend, the cherished house coffee in our cafes. This special blend is more than a cup of coffee; it's a celebration of taste, a tribute to those who love coffee for the sheer delight of its rich and comforting flavors. Our Decaffeinated Cardinal Blend maintains the essence of the original, offering the same smooth and chocolatey experience, without the caffeine.Now, you can indulge in the authentic taste of Compass Coffee's Cardinal Blend anytime, confident in the knowledge that it's made just for you.