12oz Tin - Easting - Whole Bean - Case of 6

SKU: 12oz Tin - Easting - Whole Bean - Case of 6


This exceptional light roast is a symphony of sensations that plays to the heart of what Compass Coffee stands for - a quality coffee experience unlike any other. Warm and smooth, it presents a full-bodied character wrapped in a light, glowing roast. What sets this light roast apart is the sweet, syrupy flavors that belie its solid structure. It's a masterful blend that brings an unexpected delight to the palate, all in harmony with our commitment to craft. With each sip, a delightful contrast is revealed, offering an indulgent experience that bridges the gap between the light roast profile and the depth of its flavors.The syrupy sweetness is not just a fleeting sensation; it dances on your taste buds like a finely composed melody. And, as the sweetness performs its ballet, it's accompanied by subtle hints of strawberry. This fruitiness adds an extra layer of complexity, luring you into a flavor journey that's both refreshing and satisfying. But the real star is the inviting smoothness that rounds off the experience. It's a signature touch, a gentle embrace that assures you are drinking something crafted with care, attention, and love. It's a promise we at Compass Coffee take to heart, as we strive to deliver only the best for our customers. For those seeking a coffee that redefines expectations and offers a delicious surprise, this light roast is your calling.