12oz Tin - Emblem Espresso - Whole Bean - Case of 6

SKU: 12oz Tin - Emblem Espresso - Whole Bean - Case of 6


When it comes to coffee, there are those that stand in the spotlight, and our Emblem Espresso is one of them. This classic espresso blend is filled with romance and crafted under intense pressure, reminiscent of the most passionate love stories. Prepared by our team of coffee experts who live and breathe Compass Coffee's mission of Real Good Coffee, this blend is given the time and attention it truly deserves. It's not just about the technique; it's about understanding and bringing out the unique natural characteristics of the blend, creating a coffee that speaks to the soul. Emblem Espresso boasts big, clear accessible flavors that are both familiar and exhilarating. The aroma is a revelation, the pure essence of coffee that can awaken memories and emotions with a mere whiff. It's a symphony for the senses, an ode to the rich tradition of espresso-making that we honor at Compass Coffee. But what makes Emblem Espresso truly special is its versatility. Drink it straight or with any kind of milk; the choice is yours, and it doesn't change the essence of what it offers. It's about joy, pleasure, and the simple satisfaction of a well-made espresso. Just as long as you enjoy it, our mission is fulfilled.