12oz Tin - French Roast - Universal Grind - Case of 6

SKU: 12oz Tin - French Roast - Universal Grind - Case of 6


The essence of a rich, smoky, and intense experience captured in a cup - that's what our French Roast Blend promises. It's a roast like no other, our darkest creation, designed to tantalize the senses and fuel the soul. Crafted by our expert roasters, this blend is more than just a coffee; it's a testament to our commitment to Real Good Coffee. Full-bodied and robust, it carries an intensity that's both empowering and reassuring, a strong and bold character that fits the taste of those who dare. But what sets our French Roast Blend apart is the delicate balance of flavors achieved at the highest temperatures of our peak-roasting process. It's a fine line, a dance of fire and artistry, ensuring that the roast never turns bitter. It's this balance that adds a unique richness, a warmth that resonates with every sip. As you indulge in the deep, smoky aroma and allow the robust flavors to unfold, you'll discover why our French Roast Blend is so special. It's an experience crafted with care, aligning with our mission of delivering Real Good Coffee to our customers. Discover the darkness, embrace the intensity, and let our French Roast Blend be your companion in those moments that demand something extraordinary.