5lb Bag - Cardinal Decaf - Whole Bean - Case of 4

SKU: 5lb Bag - Cardinal Decaf - Whole Bean - Case of 4


Introducing Cardinal Decaf in a 5lb Bag: Your Favorite Blend, Now Without the Caffeine. Cardinal, the staple blend at Compass Coffee, has always enchanted our customers with its smooth, chocolatey, and nutty flavors. Recognizing the love for this blend and understanding the desire for a caffeine-free option, we're thrilled to introduce Cardinal Decaf in a 5lb bag. It's all the richness and taste of Cardinal, but tailored for those moments when you want the flavor without the buzz. Perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee or a nice warm drink to end your day with, Cardinal Decaf in a 5lb bag ensures that you won't have to worry about running low. It's the same cherished blend, now more accessible and aligned with your lifestyle. Cardinal Decaf is more than a product; it's a testament to Compass Coffee's commitment to offering choices that resonate with our customers. It's about keeping the essence of what makes Cardinal special and adapting it to different needs and preferences.Whether you enjoy it as a comforting evening ritual or as a delightful afternoon treat, Cardinal Decaf in a 5lb bag is here to make those moments even more special. It's an invitation to savor the Cardinal experience in a new way, to find joy in a blend that's been crafted with you in mind.