5lb Bag - Embassy - Whole Bean - Case of 4

SKU: 5lb Bag - Embassy - Whole Bean - Case of 4


Named for the prestigious area of DC where Compass Coffee was founded, the Embassy blend pays homage to the unique character of Embassy Row. Much like this historic neighborhood, our blend is layered and bold, providing a coffee experience that’s both crisp and savory, fragrant and earthy. When you take a sip of the Embassy blend, you are invited into a world of complexity and richness that mirrors the cultural diversity found on Embassy Row. Each note is masterfully crafted to bring out a full-bodied flavor that resonates with all who appreciate true quality in a cup. Embassy blend offers a little bit of everything, satisfying both the coffee connoisseur and the casual enthusiast. Its robust character is a testament to Compass Coffee's mission of delivering Real Good Coffee, made with attention to every nuance of taste and aroma. From the first scent to the lingering aftertaste, this blend brings together a symphony of flavors that makes every cup a journey through what makes Compass Coffee a standout name in the coffee world. Enjoy the Embassy blend and take part in a tradition that reflects the very heart and soul of Compass Coffee. It's not just a drink; it's an experience that connects you with the roots of our beloved community in Washington, DC.