5lb Bag - Meridian - Whole Bean - Case of 4

SKU: 5lb Bag - Meridian - Whole Bean - Case of 4


Meridian was not just another blend; it was a revelation for us at Compass Coffee. It was the first blend that made us sit up and say "Wow." Its intense, complex flavor and almost floral aroma were unlike anything we'd made before. It marked a crossing over, a new chapter in our journey of making Real Good Coffee for our customers. With Meridian, coffee is not just a beverage; it's an experience that captivates and enthralls. The richness of its flavor, the depth of its complexity, and the surprising touch of a floral aroma combine to create a blend that's truly unique. But Meridian is more than just taste and aroma; it's about connection. It's about finding that perfect cup that resonates with you, that makes you stop and appreciate the artistry and love that goes into every roast. Once you've tasted Meridian, there's no going back; you've crossed over to a new level of coffee appreciation. We invite you to discover the magic of Meridian, to explore the blend that made us fall in love with coffee all over again. It's a coffee that we believe you'll love like we do, a blend that will become a part of your daily ritual and a cherished companion in your coffee journey.