Capsules - Decaf Emblem Espresso - 10 count - Case of 6

SKU: Capsules - Decaf Emblem Espresso - 10 count - Case of 6


For the discerning coffee lovers who crave the deep, caramel richness of a classic espresso but prefer to skip the caffeine, Compass Coffee presents the Decaf Emblem Espresso Blend. This blend embodies all the delectable flavors of our renowned Emblem Blend, now in a decaffeinated version that does not compromise on taste or quality. Each cup of the Decaf Emblem Espresso blend is an adventure into the world of rich, full-bodied coffee, elegantly infused with caramel notes that dance on your taste buds. We understand that decaf coffee drinkers are among the most passionate and dedicated, and this blend is our tribute to you. It's a taste sensation that delivers everything you love about coffee, without the caffeine. But the pleasure doesn't stop at the flavor. We've made the Decaf Emblem Espresso Blend even more accessible with our specially designed capsules. Compatible with the Nespresso Original Coffee makers, these capsules allow you to enjoy your favorite decaf blend at the touch of a button. It's the convenience you desire with the quality you've come to expect from Compass Coffee. Whether you're starting your day or winding down in the evening, the Decaf Emblem Espresso Blend offers a delightful coffee experience that caters to your preferences. Savor the taste, relish the aroma, and do it all without a second thought about caffeine.