Capsules - Emblem Espresso - 10 count - Case of 6

SKU: Capsules - Emblem Espresso - 10 count - Case of 6


The coffee that has become the crown jewel of Compass Coffee is now available for you to savor in the comfort of your home. Emblem Espresso, the traditional blend that powers all of our espresso drinks, can now be enjoyed with the simple push of a button. Your home will become a haven for true coffee enthusiasts, replicating the unique cafe experience that Compass Coffee is celebrated for. Rich, intense, and unmistakable in flavor, Emblem Espresso is a blend that has defined our cafe's reputation. It's more than just a coffee; it's an experience, a moment of pure indulgence that has long been restricted to the warm ambiance of our cafes. But no longer. With the introduction of Emblem Espresso capsules, this exclusive experience is yours to relish anytime, anywhere. Our capsules are meticulously crafted to ensure that each cup brews the perfect espresso. Compatible with Nespresso Original Coffee Makers, these capsules take all the guesswork out of brewing and replace it with sheer convenience. Whether it's your morning wake-up call or an after-dinner delight, a flawless cup of Emblem Espresso is always just a push of a button away.