Capsules - French Roast - 10 count - Case of 6

SKU: Capsules - French Roast - 10 count - Case of 6


The beloved French Roast Blend, Compass Coffee's darkest treasure, is now accessible like never before. Imagine having that rich, smoky, and intense experience, crafted to perfection, available at home at the simple push of a button. Now, this dream is a reality. Our new single-serve capsules offer you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite French Roast Blend, conveniently brewed in your Nespresso Original Coffee Maker. Our French Roast Blend is renowned for its full-bodied robustness, yet with a delicate balance that never tips into bitterness. It's a coffee that demands precision, a blend that requires the artistry of our expert roasters, who carefully peak-roast the beans at the highest temperatures. The result is a masterpiece in a cup, a taste so profound and intense that it captures the essence of what a dark roast should be. The transformation from the unique cafe experience to the single-serve capsule format is a testament to our commitment to delivering Real Good Coffee right into the homes of our customers. We recognize that coffee is not just a beverage; it's an emotion, a daily ritual, a moment of pure joy. With our French Roast Blend capsules, we are ensuring that this joy is never more than a button-press away. From the dark, enticing aroma that fills the room as the capsule brews to the full-bodied flavor that dances on the palate, the single-serve French Roast Blend encapsulates the magic of Compass Coffee. It's an invitation to savor the richness of life, one cup at a time.