Cold Brew On Tap - Medium Roast - 96oz (Case of 4)

SKU: Cold Brew on Tap - Medium Roast - 96oz - Case of 4


We understand the craving for that perfect cold brew, and we are thrilled to present our latest innovation to satiate that desire: Cold Brew on Tap, now accessible right from your fridge! Say goodbye to bland, watered-down iced coffee, and hello to this taste bud-tingling, ice-cold delight that's ready to become your new favorite drink. What makes our Cold Brew on Tap so special? It's all about the FridgePack technology. This groundbreaking feature ensures that your cold brew remains fresh and flavorful for up to 30 days, allowing you to enjoy every pour as if it was freshly brewed. Imagine starting each day with a cup of scrumptious, ultra-smooth cold brew, without the hassle of daily preparation. But that's not all; our Cold Brew on Tap invites creativity. Enjoy it straight up for a bold, pure coffee experience, pour it over ice for a refreshing chill, or let your inner barista run wild by mixing in a splash of milk. The possibilities are endless, and the taste is unmatched. Cold Brew on Tap is not merely a product; it's a revolution in home coffee enjoyment. We've taken the essence of our finest cold brew and packed it into a convenient and efficient package that fits seamlessly into your daily life. With Compass Coffee's Cold Brew on Tap, every moment can be a coffee celebration, full of flavor and joy.