Grindz Tablet Canister

SKU: Grindz Tablet Canister


Meet the Grindz cleaning solution, Compass Coffee's answer to keeping your coffee grinder at its peak performance. Grounded in our mission of Real Good Coffee, this innovative solution simplifies the process of cleaning your grinder, ensuring the rich, untainted flavor of your favorite brew. Crafted to remove even the most stubborn coffee oils and grind particles, Grindz works without the need to disassemble the grinder. A maintenance task that once seemed daunting now becomes effortless, saving time and preserving the integrity of your equipment. Please note that it's crucial not to use Grindz with integrated grinders in superautomatic machines; for those specialized needs, SuperGrindz is the preferred choice. But our commitment goes beyond convenience. Compass Coffee's cleaning solution is a reflection of our ethical stance, formulated from all-natural, plant-based ingredients and completely free from phosphates. By choosing Grindz, you're not just opting for a food-safe solution but an environmentally conscious one. With Grindz, coffee maintenance aligns with the values that define Compass Coffee. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about enhancing your coffee experience while staying true to the principles we hold dear.