Hot Cups - 12oz Compass Coffee

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Embrace your daily coffee ritual with the 12oz hot cups from Compass Coffee. Crafted for the discerning coffee lover, these cups encapsulate our dedication to quality, convenience, and sustainability. They're more than just a container; they're a statement of our passion for Real Good Coffee. The perfect size for a satisfying single serving of coffee or tea, the 12oz hot cups are meticulously designed to retain the warmth of your favorite brew. The feel in your hand is as comforting as the beverage within, balancing heat retention with a pleasant hold. But our attention to detail doesn't stop at comfort and size; we take pride in our environmentally conscious ethos. These cups are not only functional but reflect our commitment to the planet. Adorned with the elegant Compass Coffee logo, they are an immediate recognition of style and responsibility. Every time you choose our 12oz hot cups, you're not just selecting a convenient option but aligning yourself with a community that values quality in every aspect. They are not just cups; they are an integral part of your daily coffee experience, resonating with our core values and mission.