Hot Cups - 16 oz Compass Coffee

SKU: Hot Cup - 16 oz - Compass Coffee


The 16oz hot cups from Compass Coffee are more than just containers; they're a commitment to excellence, reflecting our devotion to Real Good Coffee. Each cup is designed with precision, embodying both quality and convenience. This ideal size offers a generous single serving of your preferred coffee or tea, catering to those who crave a little more in every sip. Crafted with the intention to retain heat, these cups don't merely keep your beverage warm; they ensure a consistent taste and texture from the first sip to the last. Comfort is never compromised, as the design is mindful of how the cup feels in your hand, embracing you with warmth without the burn. Our environmentally conscious approach resonates with those who value sustainability. This commitment to the environment is not a mere statement but a visible pledge, apparent in the cup's construction and our stylish branding adorned with the Compass Coffee logo. With the 16oz hot cups, you're not just grabbing a quick drink; you're part of a community that values quality, convenience, and care for our planet. Each cup is a tangible connection to the Compass Coffee mission, a reminder of why you love our products.