Milk Pitcher - Espresso - 12oz

SKU: Milk Pitcher - Toroid - 12oz


Discover the art of perfect coffee-making with Compass Coffee's 12oz milk frothing pitcher. Crafted with meticulous care from food-grade stainless steel, this pitcher is designed for both safety and convenience. Its dishwasher-friendly nature ensures an effortless cleaning process, while the engraved liquid measurement marks inside the cup offer precision for creating 1 or 2 cups of cappuccinos or espressos. Beyond its primary function, this pitcher's wide applications extend to steaming milk cream, crafting intricate latte art, measuring various liquids, and elegantly serving milk or cream. It's more than a kitchen tool; it's a companion for every coffee enthusiast, embodying the sophistication and quality that Compass Coffee stands for. Elevate your coffee experience and explore a world of flavor with this indispensable tool.