Monin Syrup - Hazelnut (Case of 12)

SKU: Monin - Hazelnut Syrup - Case of 12


Embrace the culinary delight of caramelized hazelnut in your coffee with our Hazelnut Syrup. The rich, nutty taste of hazelnut is a beloved flavor that now finds its perfect expression in our specially crafted syrup, designed to perfect a wide range of beverages. From enhancing the robust flavors of mochas and lattes our Hazelnut Syrup opens the door to a world of creative coffee possibilities. It's more than just a flavor; it's a celebration of a timeless ingredient that resonates with coffee and chocolate lovers alike. At Compass Coffee, we understand the allure of hazelnut, and we've captured its essence in a syrup that's both versatile and authentic. Every drop carries the warmth of caramelized richness, turning an ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. Whether it's a steaming cup on a cold morning or an iced treat on a hot afternoon, our Hazelnut Syrup is your key to a tantalizing taste adventure.