Tabz Tea

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Tabz Tea is a specialized one-step cleaning solution designed exclusively for tea brewer baskets and servers. Carefully crafted to remove even the toughest tea stains, our cleaning tablets are your essential partner in ensuring fresh-tasting iced tea, cup after delightful cup.Proper maintenance of your brewing equipment is now more effortless than ever. These precisely crafted tablets, measuring 20.0 mm in diameter and weighing 4.0 g each, are your answer to prolonging the life of your equipment and consistently delivering that perfect taste.Trust in this innovative solution to elevate the taste of your tea and extend the life of your equipment. Experience the difference that meticulous care and attention to detail can make in your daily tea ritual. Let us be part of your journey towards a perfect cup of tea. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our specialized one-step cleaning solution today, and elevate your tea brewing to a whole new level.