Waypoint - K-cup - 100 count

SKU: K-cup - Waypoint - 100 count


Finally! K-cups for the coffee lover! Introducing the Waypoint Blend, a full-bodied dark roast uniquely crafted for those who desire the intense pleasure of quality coffee. This blend presents a symphony of flavors with hints of cacao and brown sugar, delivering a robust and satisfying experience. Now available in the convenient K-Cup format, it brings gourmet coffee into your daily routine without compromise. From the initial whiff of its rich aroma to the final satisfying sip, every moment is a testament to coffee craftsmanship. It's all the flavor you love at the touch of a button! Ideal for busy mornings or an indulgent break, Waypoint Blend K-Cups provide the ultimate coffee experience with ease. The combination of taste and convenience is a game-changer, reaffirming Compass Coffee's commitment to making Real Good Coffee accessible to all.